Never let you go / ΣΤΙΧΟΙ ΤΡΑΓΟΥΔΙΟΥ

Καλλιτέχνης: Μαντώ
Album: Eurovision 2003
Έτος: 2003
Στιχουργός: Σιγανός Τέρυς
Συνθέτης: Μαντώ
Είδος μουσικής: Μπαλάντα
Θεματολογία: -
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I don' t know what I 'm going through
Close my eyes still see you in sight
Everything reminds me of you
I could never let you go

I can 't hide my feelings at all
I give you love sometimes it 's so hard
Without you I know I 'll fall
I could never let you go

Τι αισθάνεσαι
Όταν χάνεσαι
Όταν βρίσκεσαι μακριά
Σου τ’ ορκίζομαι
Η καρδιά μου για σένα χτυπά

What we share keeps me alive
For you there's nothing I would deny
All I know is I want you so
I could never let you go

Every day and every night
I think of you I swallow my pride
I can 't stand to see us fight
I could never let you go